Condominium Services

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Condominium Services

Homeowner Care & Warranty Management Expertise

Arrive’s Condominium Services sets the standard of excellence in homeowner care and warranty management. Decades of experience have allowed us to craft a dedicated program that focuses on three goal-pillars which define the value we create for each client.

Create “Best in Class”
Brand Recognition

Your brand defines an experience and an expectation of quality.

Our job is to create that “best in class” value through exceptional customer care. We provide on-demand service and education, so your homeowners know they are being taken care of. Whether it’s a warranty issue or a quick question on how to care for their home, they have piece of mind and assurance that their developer is taking care of them.

We help define your market reputation.

Reduce Potential
Risk of Litigation

Our program provides a highly involved team that is there every step of the way from finish construction to warranty management and HOA board representation.

We are the ambassador of your project.

We help set the mood and tone of the building. When things go wrong (and they oftentimes will) homeowners know they will get answers and be taken care of which drastically minimizes frustration and potential discussions of lawsuits.

Laser Focus on
Post-Close Expenses

We are experts at controlling post close expenses. And it’s not just about saying NO.

It begins with demanding excellence in construction and delivering exceptional homes.

Which then leads to holding trades accountable to their workmanship should that standard not be met.

And finally, in educating and setting proper expectations with the homeowner as to how their home should perform and what is and is not covered in their warranty.

Being the best at what we do means we do it differently. The standard of excellence we set for your building and your brand is also the standard behind our reputation. For us to fully meet and exceed our three goals we must be involved in every aspect of homeowner care and warranty management, which is why we’ve created the Home Starts Here program.

The Arrive Home Starts Here program includes the following services:

Full team immersion beginning at rough-in construction

  • Attend all project meetings
  • Help set finish construction standards
  • Collaborate with sales/marketing team
  • Collaborate with GC and trades to create strong relationships
  • Assistance in creating all homeowner documentation that pertain to warranty disclosure

Punch Walk Management and Unit Acceptance

  • Initial punch walk
  • Punch list creation and completion oversight
  • Final close-out acceptance

Homeowner Orientation & Welcome Home

  • Initial home orientation to educate and orient
  • Punch list creation and oversight of any outstanding items needing to be resolved
  • Final Welcome Home orientation

Warranty Management

  • 1 year fit and finish warranty
    • On-demand homeowner care
    • Coordinating subcontractor repairs
    • End of year warranty close-out
  • 24/7 emergency line and service
  • Integration with software management system and online building portal

Home Maintenance Program

  • Quarterly home visits for routine maintenance

Vacant Unit Inspections


HOA Board Meeting Owner’s Representation

Why We Do What We Do

Home is where life happens. It’s the setting for our greatest stories and we care deeply about making people feel happy in their home. Lucky for us, caring so much about people’s happiness also makes us the best at what we do. Our passion for place making shines through in every recommendation we make, every detail we attend to. Reaching your financial goals is important to us, and so is providing a positive resident experience. We believe you can’t have the former without the latter, and we know the best way to achieve both.