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18June 2018

Landscaping: Why It’s Important to Your Residents and Your Bottom Line!

By | June 18th, 2018|Categories: Amenities, Apartments, Arrive High-Five, Condominium, Landscaping, Place-making, Resident Experience, Residential, Well-Being, Wellness|0 Comments

Landscape architecture is emerging as an extremely valuable and desired component in today’s multifamily housing market. Thoughtful landscaping is creating a remarkable impression and refuge for residents, and providing significant opportunity to boost wellness and well-being. However, these benefits are often under-appreciated and overlooked, and developers [...]

13April 2018

Why A/C is Becoming the Newest Hot Apartment Amenity

By | April 13th, 2018|Categories: Air Conditioning, Amenities, Apartment A/C, Arrive High-Five, Residential|Comments Off on Why A/C is Becoming the Newest Hot Apartment Amenity

It doesn’t get much better in the Pacific Northwest than it does in the summertime.   Sunshine, NO RAIN, and near perfect temperatures.  But is this truly the case? Days are long, and when the sun is out it’s burning brighter and hotter which is having an effect on apartment leasing.  [...]